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Battlefleet Gothic Eldar

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Last month I was commissioned to paint an amazing collection of the original Eldar Fleet from the discontinued game Battlefleet Gothic. I've never seen a lot of these miniatures but from time to time it has sparked my interest. But because of the unavailability of the models and the high secondhand market value I've never pursued. But here they are! The colours chosen were loosely based off a still that I found, but were chosen so they would clash with the clients Pink and Green Chaos Fleet and Grey Imperial Fleet The Fleet in its entirety

Below: The Void Stalker. Featuring 25 pins to help this heavy pewter metal stay together

Below: 3x Eclipse Class Eldar Cruisers

Below: Several of the small fleet. Including Hellbore Frigates, Hemlock Destroyers, Aconite frigates, Nightshade Destroyers and my personal favourite...Transports


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