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Rider's Of the Veil #1: Sororitas Cavalry. Sisters of Battle Knights. Krieg Death Riders.

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

The title says it all. A few months ago I had an idea. I love the Sister's of Battle, but I would love them to have a bit more of a feudal vibe.

So Sister's of Battle....Cavalry! Sororitas Knights. So for the few games I do play I will be running these as Death Rider's from the Death Korps of Krieg as the rules and base sizes fit the models a little bit more than the Zephyrim/Seraphim. --- keep in mind I am only a casual gamer Also a 40mm round base allows me more flexibility to pose and set them up nicely in my cabinet.

So I have converted these using the Battle Sister Squad (of course) and then the Vanari Dawnrider's from Age of Sigmar. There is a bit of work needed to get everything in order, a bit of scraping to remove the Lumineth patterns on the horse armour and getting the arm to hold the ropes.

So the idea is each rider represents a different House/Order. I will be using a mix of the Sororitas and Imperial Knight decals, as well as painting each rider in a different scheme. Still mostly based around Red, black, white and gold

For colouring I am giving them a bit of a grimier look and am using oil washes to achieve. Gotta love that Grimdark aesthetic.

Please stay tuned as I will be uploading more in the future!!!


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