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Commission Services

Services include:

  • Painting to 4 different levels (Mix and Match)

  • Assembly/cleaning

  • Conversions

  • Priming

  • Custom Basing

  • Transfer decals

  • Matt Coating

  • Sourcing models on your behalf

  • Payment through Paypal

  • Tracked Postage

  • Discounts for large armies!

  • Custom Terrain

To get a quote, send an email to:

Painting prices differ depending on each model and Painting level (READ BELOW). So it is easiest to get in touch with the model info (rough sizes especially if a non-GW miiatures) and what Tier/s you are looking for.
Please include if basing and assembly is required.


For Conversions, please send over your wild visions and hopefully I can help,

Painting Tiers

GGS Tier Example 2023.png

Tier 1: Troops

A Battle Ready paint job with base coats, wash and dry brushing for larger armies and standard troops eg. Space Marines, Orcs, Stormcast (roughly £10/per 32mm human)

Tier 2: Elites

Higher level of paintjob more ideal for elite troops/monsters that want to stand out from the army, or for warbands.
Base/washes with some layering and highlights


Tier 3: Hero

Parade ready painting suited for the HQ and Heroes. A high level paint job that gets all the details with highlights and layering

Tier 4: Primarch

Reserved for the highest quality paintjob available for items that will sit proudly on your shelf

GGS Death Guard Commission March 2021.JP
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