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How a Warhammer Commission Painting Commision Works?

If you refer a friend we will give you 10% off an item or unit on your next order

A basic Grot model painted to Tabletop Standard is £3.50

Prices vary regarding size of the miniature to the quality of paint job, assemblage, basing, painting effects etc
View more prices below!

Email me at  Greengoblinstudio@gmail.com for a quote!!!

GGStudios provides three qualities of paint jobs which you choose for every individual item you want  painted.





1: Table Top Standard
The most basic quality paint job to get your

army on the table ready for battle!
Includes base coats, washes and second base layer.

Ideal for troops










2: Advanced Table Top Standard
A detailed paint job for figures to stand out 

from the crowd/horde!
Includes extra layers and highlighting

Ideal for elites, monsters








3: Top Quality
Going the extra mile to bring your

most prized figures to life!

Includes several layers and highlights with extra

effort on extra details that give the figure distinct character.

Ideal for any characters and any centerpiece figure



A basic grot model painted to
Tabletop Standard is £3.50

Prices will vary regarding size and details of the miniature to the quality of paint job!!! 

For example:

A basic Troop (eg. Space Marine) will be £5 Tabletop standard or  £9 Advanced Tabletop

An elite troop (eg. Terminator) will be £10 Tabletop Standard or £17 Advanced Tabletop

Mounted Troops (eg. cavalry or bikers)  would be £14 Tabletop or £25 Advanced Tabletop

Large troops (eg. Troggoth or Dreadonaught) would be around £19-£25 Tabletop Standard or £35-£40 Advanced


For Heroes and Large models send me a message

Assembly: £2-£5/model depending on kit
Basing: Standard: £1/standard base. x2 for Advanved and x3 for Top
Transfer Decals: £1/model
*Note: Large models prices do not apply here


The prices listed are estimates, if you have a project it is best to get in touch with GGStudio at Greengoblinstudio@gmail.com


1. ASSEMBLY AND FILING: GGStudio can assemble all items at an extra cost. Alternatively the client can complete assemblage themselves to send over.
Alterations can be made at an additional cost depending on size.

2. ACQUIRING MODELS ON BEHALF OF CLIENT: If GGStudios is commissioned with assembly then there is the option for GGStudios to purchase models on behalf after a transfer of money OR simply send items from any online store straight to the studio.

3. CHOOSING A PAINT SCHEME: When you choose GGStudios It is important for us for you to have your say!!!

Standard basing prices from £1/standard base (includes 1x texture).
£2/Advanced (includes 1-2 textures and painting)
£3/Top (includes several layers, textures and scattered items)
Advanced basing for Display models can be assembled just let us know the size and what you want for a quote. Quality bases can be purchased from Micro Art Studio.

5. TRANSFER DECALS: Basic Transfers are £1/figure. Larger models with several decals will of course be more.

An additional amount will be required to cover postage as GGStudios does not profit from postage. It is recommended that posted items are sent with guaranteed or signed postage (especially regarding the completed items).

Pickup can also be arranged from Bristol.

Last of all payment (sigh). To cover GGStudios 50% of payment is to be made upfront with the remaining amount to be transferred when completed prior to postage to you!

GGStudio doesn't accepted cancellation once in
Payment by Direct Transfer or Paypal.


If you have any questions or a project in mind it is best to get in touch with GGStudio at Greengoblinstudio@gmail.com

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