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Part 1: Blood Bowl for the Deep Blue Sea

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Alright! My new project in the works! Very exciting and fun concept which is an underwater creatures Blood Bowl team!

So that seems like a pretty self explanatory idea, BUT I will explain it a bit more. As I like the Lizardmen concept I am not the biggest fan of the miniature aesthetics themselves, so I thought I would chuck the similar concept under the sea

So here is the basic team assembled so you can get a visual

Cephalopods, Crustaceans and a Whale....preparing to take the Blood Bowl Pitch

So the team is assembled from 3 different miniature games. Starting with the Skink supplements. These are the first miniatures I started with, these are the Thuul Troops from Mantic Games' Kings of War. These are very small little creatures exactly the same size of a skink, fitting perfectly on 25mm bases. To make them fit more into the Blood Bowl team I used Green stuff to make some small pads on their shoulders, arms and knees. Kings of War make a bunch of other great sea creatures in their Trident Realms of Neritica but didn't fit the bill for what I was looking for in the Saurus replacements.

After extensive searching I found the perfect miniatures for the Saurus'. These come from the Wrath of Kings miniature range. The miniatures for House Hadross were absolutely perfect. I ended up using 2 sets, the first was the Nephrodon set, containing Lobster and Clam humanoids, the second was the Shell Crackers, containing more Crab-like humanoids.

They had some excellent Shark humanoids that I considered but ultimately went with the Crustacean creatures!

Again I had to do a bit of tweaking, firstly getting rid of their swords/spears, adding a bit of green stuff to make some crude looking knuckle dusters. For the clam I used a spare hand holding football from Forgeworld's Zug miniature. Extra green stuff shoulder pads and some hemlemts made with GS and staples

The last team player to fill the roster comes from Punga Miniatures Savage Ork Team. Their Whale Troll is a perfect substitute for the Kroxigor (Big Guy). Luckily I don't have to do anything else to this miniature as t is absolutely perfect! They also make some great markers which I have added some little bits to.

The bases of the miniatures will use a mixture of Baking Soda and small shells to create a sandy beach. The larger bases are deep so I will be able to create some rock pools and watery beach lines with Vallejo water texture.

I think I will have their colours be Blue and White, channelling aquatic kitsch under the name of 'Bait'n'Tackle. So this team should be a fun one to make and play, the local gamers I have showed this to are quite interested (and amused). So keep an eye out for my follow ups where I will post about the painting process.


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