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TURNIP28 Fodder

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

So the past 6 months I have been delving deep into the dreary, rooty world of Turnip28 For those who aren't aware of this, it is "about Turnips" Though more specifically

"Turnip28 is a tabletop miniatures game and setting developed by British artist Max FitzGerald. The world of Turnip28 is a combination of postapocalyptic with napoleonics and root vegetables, and it's "about turnips"" For someone who loves kitbashing and converting, I've never felt more at home. I've also never quite been able to feel entirely free within the Warhammer universes. There is something in Turnip28 that draws artistic influence surrealist artists like Heironymous Bosch and Salvador Dali, that has clicked for me.

So I present my first finished unit of Fodder for Turnip28.

These kits were created using Perry Miniatures French Napoleonic Infantry Battalion 1807-14 as the basis, with torsos coming from an Stl made available for free on the Turnip28 Patreon. Warhammer lovers will recognise heads and swords from Gloomspite gitz, Nurgle Blightkings, Necromantic Horrors, Deadwalkers and some Necromunda. Mushrooms and some extra vegetables were made from armature wire and greenstuff. For colours I chose to not have a standard uniform, to give them more of a village Militia feel. And opted for multibasing for the first time. To really show that these fodder are not important. Some more closeups of each single base

Check out my instagram for more regular uploads of my conversions #Turnip28 #Sludge #turnip28kitbashing #kitbashing #conversions #aos28 #grimdark #blanchitsu #fantasy #napoleonics


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