Champions of Chaos!!!

So I finally got a new photo setup with a lighting box and a nice camera. So now I can post with confidence what I've been painting!!! THE CHAMPIONS OF CHAOS

Slaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrath-hammer But first an oldy but a model that got me on the path to my return to painting. I had visited the old GW store from my childhood, chatting with the guy who is a relentless salesman and he managed to convince me to get a White Dwarf magazine (well I only did because this lovely fella came with it)


NURGLE - LORD OF PLAGUES Still an old one but the Lord of Plagues is still a great example of brilliant simplicity



Underated model that I just don't see much of. Finished a while ago but forgotten

Tzeentch - The Curseling

Tzeentch - The Curseling (back)

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